CN-USA:Introduction of CN-USA Instant Delivery Robot Service
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Introduction of CN-USA Instant Delivery Robot Service

CN-USA Instant Delivery Robot helps you deliver digital goods automatically and instantly 24*7 for PayPal payments from eBay or websites.

You can sell any digital goods such as coupon codes, e-books, recipes, certificates, software, music, movies, manuals, etc and leave the delivery job to CN-USA Instant Robot. It's fast, easy and seamlessly intergrated with eBay and PayPal. When your PayPal account receives a payment, our Robot will get an Instant Payment Notification(IPN) from PayPal and find your item in CN-USA system to deliver. This usually takes several seconds. Learn more how the Robot works

It's FREE and Easy to sign up a CN-USA account to start your Instant Delivery in minutes. By setting up your PayPal account IPN URL and adding items to CN-USA system, CN-USA Robot will be ready to deliver for you. Learn more to Get Started

Features & Benefits:
FREE CN-USA and PayPal account to get started.
Save time and improve efficiency to deliver any digital goods. CN-USA Robot is working for you 24*7.
Get great feedback by providing automated Instant Delivery service without buyers' long waiting.
Buyer's payments will go directly to your PayPal account -- with more than 35 million users worldwide.
CN-USA Code Delivery System is perfect for sales of secret codes such as registration codes, certification, passwords etc.
CN-USA File Delivery System keeps your downloadable files safe and prevent from unauthorized downloading.
FREE online auction sale management gives you every detail of your eBay sales and lets you contact your buyers easily.
Low Delivery Fee. Fee will be refunded automatically when original payment is refunded.
eBay Order Search service lets your buyers search orders instantly after PayPal payment and never complain about missing email orders.
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